Triticale ( Lat. Triticosecale, from Lat. Triticum – wheat and Lat. Secale – rye) is a hybrid genus of cereals, the hybrid of rye and wheat.

Triticale has great frost-resistance (even more than winter wheat has), resistance against fungul and viral infections, obtains reduced demands for soil fertility.

The protein content in triticale is 1,0-1,5% higher than in wheat and is 3-4% higher than in rye. According to the fractional content triticale is between the wheat and rye proteins. It forms gluten in quantity ratio close to wheat but worse according to quality. The digestibility of wheat and triticale proteins is almost the same – 89,3 and 90,3 % respectively. The triticale grain doesn’t yield to wheat grain in macro- and microelements. Meister, Lebedev, Derzhavin, Pisarev have been deriving wheat-rye hybrids even since 1920s in the USSR.