“RostAgro” Penza department uses modern elevators for drying, processing and storage of the harvest. For the moment the company has 2 elevators in Tamala and Penza. The total capacity of “RostAgro” storage in Penza is about 150 000 tons.

“RostAgro” created its own logical centres, located near the storage capacities, in the framework of the strategy of maximum control of the supply chain. These centres consist of storehouses, a service centre and a technical assistance centre. Moreover, there are shipping platforms for grain, fertilizers and industrial goods at the disposal of the company.

Thanks to the existence of the railway dead end, the elevator can receive and ship the grain not only by the motor transport but also by the railway. 50 000 tons of grain were laid on the storage in 2014.

“RostAgro” elevators provide services for agricultural producers in grain acceptance, processing, drying, storage and shipping.