The processing in Penza is represented by Penza creamery plant and Lunino feed mill. The total capacity of processing of “ RostAgro” company in Penza achieves 300 tons a day.

Penza creamery plant was bought in 2013. On the plant such activities were held as an accomplishment, the purchase of service machinery, the beginning of reequipment and modernisation of the production.

In 2014 a new dryer was started for grain drying and for bringing it to a necessary condition. The dryer allows to process 150 tons of wheat or up to 50 tons of sunflower per hour. The next stage is the building of an elevator at the plant for 9000 tons of storage.

At present the plant processes camelina, rape, sunflower; the main attention in 2014 was paid to the sunflower processing. The active equipment allows to process 250 tons a day and to produce unrefined sunflower oil and sunflower oil-seed meal.

The sunflower oil is sold in many regions – in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Rostov, The Baltic states and in the Republic of Belarus. The oil-seed meal is in popular demand among stock breeding complexes, poultry farms and feed mills.

In 2014 the plant showed the best results of all its working time – 70 000 tons of agricultural commodity were processed.

The enterprises allow not only to process their own crop but also to provide services in grain- and oil-bearing crop processing and in feed production.